8 things to consider before issuing a lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit is both time consuming and can be fairly expensive depending on the totality of circumstances. It is a wise decision to consider exactly what you are getting yourself or business into by bringing a cause of action against an individual or business entity.

A few things to consider are as follows:

1. What causes of action or legal claims to file against the other party;

2. Possible defenses (both legal and factual) that the opposing party may assert against you;

3. What type of evidence to collect to support your legal claims and request for relief;

4. What type of witnesses can help your credibility and support your claims for legal relief;

5. Whether the opposing party might sue back in the form of a counterclaim or countersuit;

6. Evaluate your chances of winning;

7. Determine the reasons why you are considering filing suit in the first place;

8. Alternatives to filing suit, i.e., settlement or mediation; and

9 The time involved in the process of filing a lawsuit, plus the costs and stresses of litigation.

After you consider the issues mentioned above; weigh the pros and cons; and decide to pursue legal action against an opposing party, feel free to contact our office. We are happy to help!